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Corporate Programs

Marie-Gabrielle Amadieu has been designing and leading custom management and leadership development programs for nearly fifteen years. Whether in training workshops or coaching programs, our goal and commitment remains to create a measurable, sustainable evolution for each participant.

Réunion du personnel

Coaching and Training Themes

  • Manager-Coach: how to develop the talents of your employees

  • Personal effectiveness: better manage time, attention & priorities

  • Team engagement and motivation

  • Leadership development - know your why

  • Getting out of exhaustion

  • Organize and control the delegation

  • Know how to give feedback

  • Have the difficult conversations

  • Setting boundaries

  • Improve your public speaking/Give impactful presentations

  • Manage and reduce stress  

  • Build self-confidence at work

  • Solve impostor syndrome

To design your custom, *not boring* and highly practical training & coaching program, please contact us:

Table de réunion Bird's Eye View

Characteristics of our programs

  • Rather than 'spot' training, our programs are a developmental journey over time that create a measurable evolution, from point A to point B for each participant.

  • Our workshops are experiential rather than theoretical; the tools are applied to real situations and problems of the participants.

  • From a standard canvas proposed by us, your program is tailored to fit your unique context, issues & goals.

  • Depending on the educational objectives and linguistic requirements, we encourage double facilitation with highly skilled professionals in our network: from stage actor/director, to professional athlete, specialized consultant, etc.

NMC Phare Groupe - 2.png

The PHARE Program
(Project Humanism Action Responsibility Entrepreneurship)

This program is aimed at a multidisciplinary group of young talents/future leaders selected by the company. Its objective: to motivate & retain them, while advancing the company in its mission and its impact.  

PHARE combines 5 educational levers:

  • Leadership Development Workshops, in Group

  • Individual coaching, with personal progress plan

  • Projects with ecological or societal impact

  • Internal mentoring

  • Presentations & Discussions with the Management Committee


The terms and content of the program are adapted to the company, its context, its challenges and objectives, particularly in terms of CSR and sustainable development, as well as its existing skills reference frameworks.  


To learn more about this program, contact us:

Présentation de travail

Management Development
Team seminars

Marie-Gabrielle Amadieu custom designs your Management development programs, your seminars and team workshops.


Experiential rather than theoretical, combining training and coaching, they also involve quality partners according to the skills and objectives targeted.

To know more:

Quite frankly, in many aspects this PHARE program is completely different. What we like is that there is the involvement of the whole organization and not just the participants. Also, the diversity of the group, the fact of bringing together people from different backgrounds who do not know each other and creating a real group dynamic that lasts beyond the program. And finally, the involvement of managers and mentors, and follow-up from the management: all this creates something that is not at all isolated, very 'integrative'. In addition, for the management committee, it is also the fact that the program encourages thinking “out of the box” by asking participants to imagine projects outside their usual working environment and with a positive impact. This has allowed some really interesting and innovative ideas to emerge, to the benefit of the company. I don't know of any other program that combines all these elements. I have already been able to explain the program to colleagues on various occasions, and they have found the approach extremely interesting.

R. Kniebs, HRD

Participating in this program has increased my motivation and my desire to further evolve within the company.


What the program will have given me: a  better knowledge of oneself, one's strengths, one's weaknesses  ; how to approach the difficulties that seem insurmountable to us by first analyzing one's own reactions and feelings.


Managing my priorities, being master of my day, listening before reacting: I was able to draw from the themes of the workshops to feed my individual coaching. By practicing for a long time, it becomes like a habit. This is where the program is very different.  It is more of a skills development course than training.


The program gave me  more self-confidence, more inner calm, and a better network in the company.  



The program helped me develop a vision for my future and greater self-confidence. The coaching allowed me to learn what I need to pay attention to in order to achieve my goals. The contact with the other participants was very enriching and will surely also be useful for the future. Only positive  !


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