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Speaking & Interviewing

Call on Marie-Gabrielle to inspire and motivate your employees, your teams


Events, conferences, seminars

Marie-Gabrielle is an experienced speaker, after fifteen years of leading training, workshops, seminars in companies in French and English.  

Her style is often described as enthusiastic, empathetic and impactful. She uses humor without ever losing sight of the objective of the session.  


Marie-Gabrielle speaks on topics related to leadership, motivation & personal development.


She  also interviews your distinguished guests, and facilitates discussions with your audience during your conferences & corporate events.

Our speaking engagements are always tailored to your goals. Contact us to talk about it.

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"Good students Do Not Become Happy:
a stand-up conference

Between her name, her rank of eldest in the family and education at a Catholic high school, Marie-Gabrielle was quite obviously programmed to be a good student. And in fact, in theory she did everything well: good grades, diplomas with honors and nice jobs. However, at 36, she finds herself divorced and “burned out”. There seems to have been a bit of a problem, hasn't there?

In this half-standup, half motivational speech, Marie-Gabrielle dissects the good student syndrome that affects so many executives, leading to disconnection from self and consequences ranging from disengagement - the plague of businesses today - to burn-out. Based on her personal experience and exchanges with dozens of executives over the years, Marie-Gabrielle explores how to free herself from the injunctions of success, have 'the courage to be yourself', and find meaning and motivation at work again... A reflection on personal and professional leadership crucial for today's business (and which does not require leaving everything to go open yurt lodges in the Ardèche, although we do not have anything against yurts, nor the Ardèche for that matter).

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