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Life & Career Coaching

Confused? Overwhelmed?
You. Are. Not. Alone.

What you think is a personal difficulty or a unique default, most people are actually experiencing.

I have met hundreds of professionals along the last 15 years as a consultant and coach in management development. And without fail, the same topics come up again and again: perfectionism, imposter syndrome, anxiety, doubt, procrastination, dispersion and exhaustion

Nothing is abnormal in what you are feeling. 

There are only some old patterns to break free from, to allow yourself to live with full trust.


To feel complete alignment between who you are and what you do. 


To express your unique voice, share your gifts, and make from your life, a meaningful contribution to this world.


But you do need the tools to do so. Beyond inspiring ideas and 'power poses' in the mirror: how can we carry out true, sustainable changes in our lives? 


That is the mission I assigned to myself, after exploring these topics in my own life and in my work with hundreds of people.

And I learned that: 

1. We have power over our feelings, thoughts, and reality. Putting yourself in the driver seat of your inner world is the key to creating a constantly expanding work and personal life. 

2. The quality of your relationship to yourself is critical. When you know how to shift this constant inner talk that doubts and criticizes, into an ally that encourages you no matter what: EVERYTHING changes.


3. Thinking that everything lies on your small shoulders is an exhausting illusion. There is something greater inside each one of us that we can rely upon, and is the source of all the good stuff we will create.


Welcome to

The goal of this 100% bespoke coaching program is very simple: to carry out the change you are aspiring to. 


In the course of 6 months, you learn to : 

  • Clarify your desire : what do you truly want? You get to explore and articulate your unique vision and goals.

  • Get out of your own way: become aware of what is limiting you and take your foot off these inner brakes each day.


  • Make decisions and take courageous, inspired action: to move towards your vision using inspiration as fuel, instead of pressure. 

Whether it's about your personal life : navigating a life transition, transforming your relationship with your child, your partner or yourself; or whether it's about your career: making a career transition, asserting yourself in those Board meetings, or launch your own business: I stand by your side as you learn to stop self-sabotaging and create that deep change that you are done postponing to tomorrow.


So... What big change are you ready for? 

Contact Marie-Gabrielle

At the end of our work together, I found satisfaction in what I do.

I no longer feel this constant lump in my throat; or if it arrives, I welcome it: it's my barometer. I also see that I have better leadership in complex or tense situations.

Anne, Senior  Global Project  Manager

Why coach with me?

A former "good student", hyper sensitive and perfectionist, expert in people-pleasing, full of doubt: I have experienced many of the patterns I help my clients free themselves from. My life experiences, combined with my passion for personal development and experience as a coach & consultant, are my greatest resource to understand and support you on your journey. Today my mission and commitment, is to keep supporting brilliant women to access their power, freedom and deep joy, beyond all conditioning and injunctions in their career and life.

You have questions?

Want to know if coaching can work for you? If I can help you solve your problem? Explore what type of results you could create by working together? 

Contact me and we will schedule a conversation together quickly. 

Contact Marie-Gabrielle
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