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“I called on Marie-Gabrielle at a time in my career when I felt on the verge of burnout. Very committed to my job, but also with a family life to manage, I felt overwhelmed. I had a permanent lump in my throat, my sleep was affected… I had to do something.  


Over the sessions I learned to take perspective, to reduce the pressure I put on myself, often unconsciously; to allow myself to respect my needs — without losing my professional conscience. I received simple and effective tools, which I continue to use. I connected to the 'why' of what I do, and I was able to take initiatives so that my professional and personal life were really satisfying for me. Of course, the first sessions were quite painful and at the same time life-saving. Sometimes you have to touch or get very close to the bottom to bounce back better...


At the end of our work together... I found satisfaction in what I do. I no longer have a lump in my throat or if it happens, I welcome it: it's my barometer. I also see that I have better leadership in complex or tense situations.  


In short, Marie-Gabrielle is a precious help to bounce back and establish my priorities following the progress made. Without her, none of this could have happened and the outcome would have been all the more dramatic. »

Anne, Senior Global Project Manager

"  Marie-Gabrielle knows how to guide you exactly where it hurts, with a mixture of benevolence and truth. I appreciate he vitality, her ability to listen and the relevance of her questions. We can't cheat and we're moving forward, fast! She is also an excellent trainer and facilitator with whom I had the opportunity to collaborate on several occasions for international clients. Her talent: to also be an experienced consultant, which allows her to fully understand the business issues of her clients.

Her enthusiasm allows her to embark (large) groups, both in French and in English. The finesse of her coaching skills allows her to ask the right question in the right place. She knows how to adapt to her interlocutors, whatever their level.

For me, Marie-Gabrielle is one of the best facilitators I have worked with.  »

M. Drouard, Author of Adaptive Governance - Unleash the power to act in business

"  I had the chance to participate in one of Marie-Gabrielle's business programs, at a time in my life when I felt like I was going in circles. I perceived in her a very good mastery of the topics covered, and the teaching and facilitation techniques are also a strength of hers; we feel a solid theoretical background and a well-tested practice.

She is a passionate and inspiring person. As a coach, I particularly appreciate her energy and this gentle paradox that makes her special: her “confronting yet gracious” side. She shakes things up but smoothly.

Our work has allowed me to achieve a sense of complete alignment between who I fundamentally am, and my mission as a professional.

Marie-Gabrielle is undoubtedly one of my most beautiful professional encounters  »

Carole, HR Director

"My duties in the company have changed since my participation in the PHARE programme; it opened new horizons for me. What I found impressive, in our coaching, was the speed at which Marie-Gabrielle understood my question, my concern or my request, and could give me, not a solution but a proposal for a path to take, or exercise to do. It really opens your eyes. We can clearly see why we fall into the same pattern each time, why we always do things the same way. I enjoyed not feeling judged. I just felt understood. " 

Manuela, Manager

"  Marie-Gabrielle is a fantastic professional and I cannot be more satisfied with the coaching we have had together.  She is able to identify one's struggles and possible reasons behind those with ease, and offers multiple ways how to overcome those.  I am now able to set my boundaries and guard them, and closely linked to that I have increased my resilience.  Marie-Gabrielle has taught me techniques (that I continue to use) on how to clear my mind and focus better on what is impactful, which is something I struggled with before.  Thank you!  »

Iveta, NGO Coordinator

Bois et tuiles

of Entrepreneurs

“Before coaching, I had a toolbox (coaching, reiki...) but no structure for my services. I needed a follow-up to launch my activity. If I had not done this coaching? I would not have dared to offer packages, and today it would be the customers who would decide on their support on demand. I was afraid to talk about myself, to have the impression of selling myself, I lacked legitimacy. After the coaching, I have more and more self-confidence, to present myself and establish my credibility. I talk quite naturally about what I do, I no longer feel like I'm selling myself. I have confidence in the future. I feel in my rightful place, useful, and I feel more joie de vivre... I feel proud and delighted with my journey and my courage to change jobs.
If someone who is thinking of working with you and hesitates, I would say: Dare! You won't be disappointed. This support is a permanent boost to keep your objective in mind and to surpass yourself »


Before working with you, I had reached a point in my activity where I wanted to change things.  I really set myself in motion to change my way of looking at entrepreneurship. I let go of a whole bunch of limiting beliefs. I agreed to show my radiance, and in doing so, I radiated even more. I did really well to follow my heart and my intuition, and not my fear of missing out - and join your coaching. I know that I would never have designed and sold my program online if I hadn't been so supported and if you hadn't helped me to remove my internal brakes. I liked the fact that with you we can go safely and subtly into the depths of things, and not be in "doing it in force". It could not work with me because there were very strong brakes, which no coach had ever touched before. The fact of mixing the spiritual aspect and the material aspect really suited me.
I also loved the workshops. It really allowed me to nourish my thinking and my progress, and also everything I let go of...  »


“Coaching with Marie-Gabrielle allowed me to come back into the light: who I am and what drives me. I had lost my footing a bit after the dreaded combo of "life abroad, young children, positions (which I considered) uninteresting. I went from a limited and negative view of myself to a new confidence, based about who I am and what I like. I was boosted after each of our exchanges! Today I know that I can get there and bounce back, that I have my journey with its riches, its difficulties, and that's concretely, I clarified my professional vision then launched my freelance activity and signed my first clients. I keep the idea of getting coached again in the mid term according to the evolution of my projects ."


"Marie-Gabrielle built her support by basing it exactly on what I was lacking: the mindset. This support transformed me beyond what I could have imagined. It helped me in other aspects of my life and not only in my professional life, it even allows me today to better accompany the women I support in my work as a Naturopath. It is something that I could never have imagined before.
This coaching allowed me to find serenity, confidence. He  helped me in other aspects of my life and not only in my professional life. Marie-Gabrielle's approach, her frankness, her sense of humor and her expertise are extremely valuable and help to develop your activity. intelligently and without running into the wall..."


" Before joining the coaching, I did not believe it was possible to achieve some of my goals, I was very hesitant to launch a new service, I was afraid of exhausting myself again. I decided to work with you because I recognized myself in this good student syndrome, and counter-productive perfectionism; and having already burned out, I did not want to fall back into this pattern of doing more and more until exhaustion. This coaching program allowed me to remove some interior barriers related to, the price of my services, the fact of offering different services, and detach personal worth from financial worth. I was surprised and super happy with my first results! I also learned another way to create a business, more in line with one's personality.  If I hadn't done it, I think I would have undervalued my rates and probably exhausted myself to achieve my goals. I was afraid to invest in coaching, to put money and not to obtain results and to have this impression of "loss", well I absolutely do not regret it because not only did I obtain good results, by learning to change my way of perceiving certain situations, I have gained inner freedom - and this goes beyond the financial goal. »


“When I started my business, I was afraid of getting in touch with people, of taking my place, of being too expensive, afraid of failure even if I wasn't afraid of the future. Now I have a beautiful calm vision on the path which is in front of me. I cultivate my confidence, and I know that there is always something to do to open the tap of joy and success. I struggle less with myself. I also accept more moments of low morale, I have less pressure and more compassion for myself.  I  feel gratitude, joy, peace and pride. Marie-Gabrielle is in total congruence with herself, her emotions, her journey. And her experiential understanding of entrepreneurship and people is a wealth for us.  »


Career coaching

" This coaching was a turning point in my life.  One way of doing things has become obsolete and another has gradually been put in place; I work and live with more serenity. She helped me to become aware of my strengths and my limits, to structure myself in my personality, both from a private and professional point of view. I gave myself time while setting goals, and I was able to calmly approach the professional change (going from civil servant to launching my business) - by implementing the tools I needed to help me take the big leap. I became a part-time freelancer for 9 months, then I set off on my own and my business is growing. I have implemented time management tools, priorities and a way of delegating that help me a lot on a daily basis. I liked that our coaching work was not “brutal” or confrontational but soft and progressive. We progress step by step. I really appreciated Marie-Gabrielle's openness to the personal, and even spiritual development of the person she works with. »


"It's not a chat between girlfriends, it's not a lesson from an emeritus professor, it's not a behavioral lesson, there is no sense of constraint and yet it's not complacent. This process feels like a timeless moment that just seems to be there to pause and wonder... But then one day, we look back, almost by chance and discover another person, more grown up, serene, appeased, equipped with new resources, a more lively outlook on life, more accurate feelings. How great, these new freedoms now accessible... thanks to ourselves!  »


"I arrived in Brussels without a professional benchmark and feeling lost in translation - new life, new city… Marie Gabrielle helped me to know myself better, to structure my thinking, my tasks, my approach to interviews, and to gain confidence in a delicate period of my life. I regained confidence in my ability to face interviews, to give the best of myself, to convince.  After 3 months of coaching, I managed to find an interesting management position. I loved her sincerity, professionalism, and ability to quickly understand the people in front of her. She knows how to listen without falling into too much empathy and keeping in mind the desire to achieve the set objective.  Marie was inspiring and really helped me gain confidence in my potential. »


" I met Marie-Gabrielle at exactly the right time. The connection was immediate; I knew straight away that I was going to be able to trust her completely and I'm very happy that I did. 

She knew how to listen and work with my needs and my abilities. I never felt judged. And on the other hand, she was able to put me face to face with reality, with a lot of benevolence and honesty. It helped me accept some things I didn't want to see, and look at them from a new perspective. As a result I have gained strength, confidence, serenity - I have found myself. 

Many thanks Marie-Gabrielle, for guiding me on the path of my gentle revolution. »


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